Take a proactive approach to population health management.

Among the many issues facing hospitals, there are three areas that require particular attention: patient care, reimbursement, and expenses. With the shift to value–based care, hospitals need to demonstrate they meet certain standards that benefit patients and control expenses. Hospitals can manage these standards through a proactive approach to population health management, starting with the prevention of re-admissions. Hospitals can optimize their resources and improve patients’ lives if they can easily identify and understand the structured and unstructured data within medical records. This can be achieved through the intelligence supplied by Medical Search Technologies (MST) analysis of patient data.

At Medical Search Technologies (MST), we can help you build the database you need. We start by extracting the unstructured data within the EMR. We then employ our proprietary algorithms to find and classify data, and determine relationships between data points. Once complete, we retrieve the structured data within the EMR and combine it with the newly structured data (derived from unstructured fields) to build a robust reporting, search and analysis portal. Our reporting database can identify patient population trends, treatment timelines, clinical trial patients and more. The applications are truly infinite.

Applications to consider: Transform Your EMR, MIPS Submissions