We use a powerful blend of public and proprietary ontologies.

Ontology is basically the science of putting “things” into categories as well as designing hierarchies of categories for organization and access. Simply put, we use our powerful ontologies to connect the words with the concepts.

We use three levels of ontologies in our system.

  • We use the common, large ontologies that are open-source and publicly available for English as well as biomedical uses
  • We’ve also developed our own proprietary ontologies that provides a number of improvements over public ontologies
  • A custom localized ontology is used for the particular installation of the software (it learns and understands local geography, staff names, and terms/concepts unique to the client); we can also incorporate existing proprietary customer ontologies

In the example to the left, the ARE4 system made the connection between “verifying product authenticity” with the concept of “anti-counterfeiting”. The text is from a recent IBM patent for using graphene for anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and other products. The word “counterfeiting” is not mentioned in the text, but ARE4 discovered, understood and processed the concept.