Develop new drugs and evaluate drug efficacy with state-of-the-art tools.

Pharmaceutical companies face a difficult path towards continued growth and profitability. There is a constant pressure to produce new drugs quickly, yet there is less revenue to support these efforts. With strained budgets and weak drug pipelines, pharmaceutical companies now more than ever, need the tools to effectively manage existing data.

At Medical Search Technologies (MST), we can create the tools to easily identify and understand meaningful relationships in existing pharmaceutical data. We employ a proprietary natural language algorithm to find and classify the data, identify causal relations and learn from the data. MST’s approach is reliable and beneficial because of the exhaustive nature of the search process. Our customized interface is robust and can help provide a better understanding for the relationship of the inputs when developing new drugs, identifying the effectiveness of existing drugs and assisting in identifying new drug targets.

Applications to consider: Sophisticated Searches, Precision Medicine