Discover the relationships between symptoms, treatments, and outcomes.

Healthcare practices understand they must shift from volume to value–based care but getting there won’t be easy. This shift will require each practice to meet certain standards that benefit patients and cut costs. The ability to identify risk factors that relate to adverse conditions is necessary to accomplish these goals. If patient results differ from expectations, providers need to be able to pinpoint the cause.

Physician notes, medical literature, FDA drug labels, and patient forums, among other sources, contain an unknown number of relationships between symptoms, treatments, and outcomes. The problem is to efficiently search, analyze, and understand those relationships. This data is often not analyzed or transformed into useful information about the cause of disease, treatment options, patient outcomes, costs, trends, or other correlations that could enhance profitability and patient care.

Medical Search Technologies (MST) can develop the tools for practices to educate, identify gaps in care and improve patient outcomes. Our full service patient portal can be built to improve practice performance within any specialization. We start by extracting unstructured data. We then employ our proprietary algorithms to find and classify data, and determine relationships between data points. Once complete, we retrieve the structured data within the EMR and combine it with the newly structured data (derived from unstructured fields) to build a robust reporting, search and analysis portal.

Applications to consider: True Practice Integration, MIPS Submissions, Transform Your EMR