Triplestores and RDF

A powerful database technique for lightning-fast queries.


A triplestore is a specialized database used for storing “triples”—a data entity composed of a subject, a predicate, and an object. Data is retrieved from the triplestore using a special query language, similar to a relational database.

MST also uses quadstores in our system, which is a named triplestore.

Using triplestores requires truly cutting-edge development skills, but pays off in powerful and efficient semantic queries.

Resource Description Framework

The method used to store triple information is the “resource description framework” (RDF). Because we use RDF, our database design and management is much more agile.  Schemas can be created on the fly, after data has been collected.

Our customized triplestore database engine is part of our Neo4j system, widely considered the industry leader in graph/RDF systems.