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Experts say that up to 80% of electronic health record data is unstructured text. This means some of the most valuable patient information is locked-up and underutilized.

Medical Search Technologies (MST) unlocks that data.

We’ve developed a natural language processing (NLP) and information extraction (IE) technology for the healthcare industry that creates structured data from unstructured data. MST’s core technology, ARE4, is an automated relationship extraction algorithm. When the engine is deployed, it finds relationships between sentence elements including subjects, verbs, objects, prepositional phrases and more. ARE4 is trained to processes the many nuances contained in unstructured medical data including headers, incomplete and run on sentences, misspellings as well as punctuation issues.

Identify Drug Therapies

Drug therapies often cannot be obtained from a medication file in an EMR system and therefore must be extracted from clinical notes. Has the patient started, stopped or restarted treatment? Has the therapy failed? Was the therapy discussed for future treatment? The answer is, all are possible. We can help you build insights around:

• Drug sequencing and trends
• Progression of specific treatment options
• Gaps in care

Analyze Patient Symptoms

Having the ability to pinpoint patients symptoms can help indicate an abundance of insights. Is there an absence or presence of pain? Where is the finding site of the pain? Unfortunately, symptoms are typically found in doctor’s notes in an unstructured field. The good news is MST can extract the meaning from these notes to help:
• Determine the progression of disease
• Eliminate treatment options due to comorbidities
• Ensure best practices are met

Assess Diagnostic Procedures

The formatting in which results are given for diagnostic procedures can vary greatly. Values can range from absolute values, stable, increasing, decreasing, among other values. Having the ability to search for multiple values can lead to improved patient care, which can decrease your costs. Our proprietary technology can be utilized to determine:
• The severity of the patient's disease
• If there are gaps in treatment
• A patient's progression in the disease timeline