Headache-free medical coding.

As we all know, medical coding is a headache. It’s expensive, error-prone and slow.

The good news: our medical coding system does something that was thought impossible until just a few months ago.

Our innovative technology makes the impossible, possible. 

Our Medical Coding AI automatically reads and understands physicians’ raw text (often dictated—which is even more difficult) then automatically applies the proper codes (both procedure and ICD-10 diagnosis codes) for medical billing. Both primary and secondary codes. Everything.

Our system does this quickly and more importantly, with incredible accuracy with a complete audit trail (something difficult with manual coding). Our AI meets or exceeds current coding standards, with unmatched speeds (and no time off!).

It gets the fine points.

Quite remarkably, our Medical Coding AI understands nuances, like the differences between open and laparoscopic procedures—or initial versus recurrent procedures.  As a practical matter, understanding these fine points doesn’t just set us off from our competition—it vastly improves the practicality of using an automated system.

But it doesn’t just plow ahead.

Our software is so intelligent it can flag when something cannot be completed to the highest degree of accuracy.  When this occurs with a record, it will move the chart to our easy-to-understand user interface for manual coding, highlighting the issues it couldn’t code so the coder does not start from scratch. It’s efficient and easy.

Depending on the category, the current “understanding ratio” is about 95%. About one out of twenty jobs is “kicked out” to a human for review.

And we’re not finished.

Training medical coding systems is complex, intensive and on-going.  We make a point of getting it right.  There is no “one size fits all” in this endeavor. The coding types we currently focus on:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Emergency Department
  • In-Patient Surgery

More are coming, as our innovative auto-didactic system actually learns and gets smarter—by itself.

Speaking of training…

Each time a change is initiated by CMS or your insurance carrier you must educate your entire workforce of medical coders. This can take days or weeks. With our software we update the model once and as soon as the update is done the entire system is now following the new rules or codes.

The ultimate medicine for medical coding headaches.

Intrigued?  We understand.  It’s amazing technology. Contact us today and we’ll give you a demo.

  • Accurate – more accurate than human coders

  • Fast – No time off and results in seconds

  • Reliable – Runs 24/7/365 with no time off and no more worries on
    coder turnover

  • Auditable – Complete audit trail on all decisions made by the AI

  • Failsafe – Anything not understood is transferred for manual interpretation