Clinical Research

Get beyond the keyword search.

As the volume of research and the resulting amount of documentation increases, clinical researchers face a unique set of challenges trying to search this text. Keyword searches yield too much data, which is time consuming to curate. Take for instance a keyword search on the effectiveness of a drug. A keyword search would not specify whether the article is about positive or negative outcomes forcing the researcher to open each article and determine if it is applicable. This additional step of human intervention decreases efficiency and costs money.

At Medical Search Technologies (MST), we can deploy an enterprise search solution that will return precise results to meet informational needs and increase productivity. To get there, we apply our algorithm to your proprietary or public documents and add metadata tags to each article allowing the documents to be searched with more precision by your existing enterprise search solution. Our technology goes far beyond returning a simple list of results that may accomplish what you are looking for. Instead, we provide you with the information you need for key decision-making. Our solution can be designed from scratch or integrated within an existing search environment.

Applications to consider: Sophisticated Searches, Precision Medicine